US Schools Now A Direct Path For Children Into Criminal Justice System

FFor many teenagers across the country, a visit to the police station is replacing a visit to the principal’s office.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, police have made about a quarter billion arrests in the last 20 years as tactics change to focus on a zero-tolerance policy toward small crimes. Almost one out of three Americans have a file in the FBI’s master criminal database.

These arrests are now starting at the school level. Parents and school officials, concerned by increased drug use and school shootings have caused a greater level of police presence on school grounds, allowing school administrators to now refer minor crimes to the police, turning from traditional school discipline methods of detention into a smaller version of an adult criminal-justice system.

Talking back to the teacher can now be called disorderly conduct, and a fight may end with assault and battery charges, according to Judith Browne Dianis, executive director of the Advancement Project, a national civil-rights group that looks at discipline procedures across the country. Due to differing laws across the country, these police encounters may sometimes result in a police record for the offenders. In some states, 16-year-old children are tried as adults.


Man Owes $30,000 And Faces Michigan Prison As Crazed Judges Continue To Demand Money For Child Proven Not To Be His

The State of Michigan is ordering a Detroit man to pay tens of thousands of dollars, or go to prison. The reason? He owes back child support for a child that everyone agrees is not his.

“I feel like I’m standing in front of a brick wall with nowhere to go,” said Carnell Alexander.

He says he learned about the paternity case against him during a traffic stop in Detroit in the early 90s. The officer told him he is a deadbeat dad, there was a warrant out for his arrest.

“I knew I didn’t have a child, so I was kind of blown back,” said Alexander.

The state said he fathered a child in 1987, and ignored a court order to pay up. It was the first Carnell had heard of the court order. He’d never even met the child.

“And when you were telling them in court – that it was not my child?” “They told me it was too late to get a DNA test,” said Alexander.

Lead Investigator In Secret Service Prostitution Scandal Internal Review Quits After Incident With Florida Prostitute

The investigator who led the Homeland Security Department’s internal review of a prostitution scandal involving Secret Service agents on assignment in Colombia in 2012 has himself resigned over an incident involving a prostitute in Florida, The New York Times reported.

Current and former department officials say that investigator David Nieland left the government in August after refusing to answer questions from the department’s inspector general about the Florida incident, the Times said in an article posted its website Tuesday night.

Nieland has told congressional staffers that he was pressured to leave out of the report on the Secret Service scandal that a White House volunteer had brought a prostitute to his room. However, the congressional staffers and the White House have said that no evidence supported that allegation.


Third-World Illegal Immigrants Crash Stolen Pickup Truck During Houston Texas Chase

A stolen pickup, a police chase and a pile of  mulch were all part of a wild turn of events early Tuesday morning in west Houston.

The incident began about 1 a.m. on Clay Road near Beltway 8-West  when a man called police to report he saw people driving in his Ford F-350 pickup that had been stolen in August, said Kese Smith, a spokesman for the Houston Police Department. He followed the truck.

Smith said when police spotted the pickup a short time later, the driver sped away from them. Police drove after the truck. The pursuit ended in the 12000 block of Sowden when the 12 men inside the truck jumped out and ran away. Police chased them.


Florida School District Losing Money After Disgraced US First Lady Obama’s Attack On US Children’s School Lunches

Federal food “smart snack” rules imposed on schools this year are taking a huge bite out of vending and a la carte sales in Florida’s Pasco County Schools, and officials aren’t concealing their opinions.

By the end of September, a la carte sales in the school district had plummeted by $1,300 a day compared to last year, subsiding somewhat to a $938 per day loss in October, the Tampa Tribune reports.

“This is federal overreach at its worst,” school board member Joanne Hurley said at a policy workshop Tuesday.

The smart snack rules represent the most recent round of federal restrictions on foods sold in schools that participate in the National School Lunch Program. The new rules are part of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, a federal overhaul of school food championed by First Lady Michelle Obama.


Criminal Cases Dismissed As Ferguson Missouri Police Officer Who Shot And Killed Black Thug Stops Showing Up For Court Cases

A judge dismissed a pending felony drug case in court Monday after Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson — the central figure in that city’s shooting controversy — failed to show up in court.

It was the sixth low-level drug case connected to Wilson to be dropped in recent weeks, according to information from Ed Magee, spokesman for St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch.

Monday’s dismissal involved a 2013 marijuana possession case against Christopher A. Brooks, 28.

Prosecution had been on hold since early last month, when Wilson failed to appear for a preliminary hearing.

Brooks’ arrest had led to a commendation for Wilson in front of the City Council earlier this year.


California Highway Patrol Officers Stole, Collected, And Traded Nude Pictures Taken From Women’s Phones

A California Highway Patrol officer admitted he stole nude photos of women he arrested as part of a “game” he and other officers in the department played.

Sean Harrington, 35, of Martinez, Calif., is under investigation by the Contra Costa, Calif., district attorney’s office for a possible felony computer theft charge.

The investigation began after a 34-year-old San Ramon, Calif., woman complained that Harrington sent six photos of herself in a state of undress from her iPhone to his personal mobile phone. He did so, she said, while she was being booked into Martinez County Jail on Aug. 29 for a driving under the influence charge.